PFV together with its partners PIDSP, PPS and PSMID is offering basic vaccinology courses intended to provide essential information and skills on various aspects of vaccines and vaccination to health care workers whether in government or in private practice. These are in the form of seminars, workshops or interactive presentations that are aimed at improving vaccine coverage and advocating for vaccine safety and effectiveness. The format and the conduct of these courses can be patterned and adjusted to fit the needs of the organization or groups interested to undertake such courses. The speakers and facilitators are members of the medical societies and academic people who are certified experts in the field of vaccines and vaccination. The general and specific objectives and the members of the faculty of the session to participate are discussed with the organizers during preparation for the course. All other details are agreed upon before the vaccinology course is undertaken.

The vaccinology topics included (but not limited to) are the following:

  • Value of Vaccination
  • Principles of Vaccination or How Vaccines Work
  • Schedule and Administration of Vaccines
  • Recommended Vaccines for Infants, Children, Adolescent, Adults and Elderly
  • Discussions on Specific Vaccines and the Disease they Prevent ( e.g. BCG, DPT, HiB, Polio, HepB, Rotavirus, PCV, Influenza, Varicella , HepA, Typhoid, HPV, Meningo, JE, Dengue, Cholera etc..)
  • Precautions and Contraindications for Vaccination Including for Immuno-compromised Patients
  • Ethics of Vaccines
  • Adverse Events Following Immunization or Vaccine Safety
  • Clinical Trials in Vaccines
  • Misconceptions About Vaccines
  • Communication and Advocacy on Vaccination

Previous vaccinology courses have also been held in conjunction with the annual Philippine National Immunization Conference (PNIC) which is usually conducted in November and brought to different regions of the Philippines. The last one which was the 20th PNIC was held in Lima Hotel in Malvar , Batangas on Nov 11-12, 2019. The next one is planned to be held in Davao City for Nov 5-6 2020.

For inquiries , contact our PFV offices and we can schedule the meeting to meet your needs.