RAISE Community Outreach Events

Who We Are

The RAISE Coalition is a group of organizations and individuals with the common goal of protecting senior citizens from influenza and promoting their overall health and well-being through cooperation with the government in the Influenza Pandemic Preparedness Response and advocate legislation to widen the coverage of the elderly health benefits

Where We Are Now

In 2010, Philippines developed the National Pandemic Preparedness and Response Plan which has specific actions to strengthening the pandemic influenza vaccination

Policy on vaccination among senior citizens is in place, with Article 11, Section 4 of Republic Act 9994 otherwise known as Expanded Senior Citizens Act mandates the DOH to procure Influenza Vaccine to be administered for free to indigent senior citizens. 

Currently, both Legislative Chambers (Congress and Senate) are supporting the expansion of Influenza immunization to cover all senior citizens 

Globally, Flu vaccine manufacturing is transitioning into enhanced formulation for better protection to ensure that elderlies are well protected especially during outbreak and pandemic

What We Want to Achieve

Establish a greater voice for influenza immunization among elderlies through multi stakeholder collaboration of scientific experts, government and non-government organizations, civic organizations and patients’ groups, championing equitable access to vaccines not only to indigent group but to all senior citizens

Key Initiatives to Mobilize the Coalition

Orientation with member organizations to align on the coalition’s strategic roadmap

Launch of Coalition, Press Conferences Media engagement, Pledges of Support and Commitment

Engagements with legislators for passing of bills and support for budget appropriations

Consolidated efforts of convenors and supporters to execute awareness campaign

Possible collaboration with Senior Citizens’ Partylist for the proposed National Center for Geriatric Health and Mobile House-to-House Vaccination

RAISE Community Outreach to support the Department of Health Flu vaccination roll out at Local Government Units

Collaboration with the Department of Health in the Flu Pandemic Preparedness Plan

Quarterly meetings and regular insighting/workshops for updates and discuss programs that will further increase the recognition of the coalition and encourages participation 

Our Partner Organizations