World Meningitis Day

WMD 2020 Report

The health crisis brought about by COVID-19 did not stop us from celebrating the World Meningitis Day 2020 to spread the information on how to #DefeatMeningitis. The Philippine Foundation for Vaccination in alliance with Vaccine Study Group, UP National Institute of Health, Medical Societies, Industry partners and Civic Organizations gathered together in ZOOM webinar to discuss updates on Global Meningococcal Initiative led by Prof. Josefina Carlos. There were great experience sharing from the audience moderated by Prof. Lulu Bravo, and she reiterated that we should join hands in defeating meningitis. PFV’s President Prof. Shelley Ann de la Vega shared in her opening statement the commitment of the organization to continue promoting and advocating vaccination as an essential to disease prevention, that includes meningitis.

Prior to the day of the celebration, the enhanced website, social media and other digital platforms carried the WMD campaign to educate the lay public about the meningitis disease and how it can be prevented.

The World Meningitis Day coincides to the commencement of the World Immunization week that further strengthen the communication that meningitis is a vaccine preventable disease.