Major Achievements

Since 2000 PFV has been engaged & has worked with Health Professionals Societies, Civic Organization & Government agencies such as DOH, both International & National for vaccine networking & partnerships. It organized the first Philippine National Immunization Conference (PNIC) in November 2000 to provide a venue for discussion for the improving and sustaining vaccine coverage in the Philippines while updating vaccinology topics. It was the first time that an Immunization Schedule and calendar for children and adults was disseminated to health professionals which had become an annual undertaking.

  • 2003: Organized 1st Vaccine Safety Workshops with DOH to initiate reporting of AEFI among both public and private clinics which are vaccinating

  • 2004: Launched the World Meningitis Day celebration

  • 2004-2006: Petitioned for Hep B at birth which was passed into law 2011.

  • 2006: Organized Rotaphil in partnership with other societies to advocate for Rotavirus vaccine inclusion in NIP which was achieved in 2012.

  • Organized “UNITE for Pneumococcal Disease Prevention” with various Medical Societies to Advocate for Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine (PCV) introduction in the NIP which was approved and was implemented by 2013.

  • 2009: Joined in the initial activities of World Pneumonia Day in New York,USA

  • 2009: Co-hosted the first Asian Vaccine Conference (ASVAC) in Siem Reap , Cambodia

  • 2010: Initiated Vaccinology Courses among various Health Workers in DOH to train & update knowledge on vaccinology. Supported DOH in its inclusion of Hib, MMR & Booster DPT in NIP

  • 2012-2013: Organized Pneumococcal Advocacy Training & Vaccine Safety Workshop with DOH as a TWG using funds from an advocacy grant given by the International Vaccine Access Center (IVAC) of The John Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health. Supported and endorsed the Inclusion of Rotavirus vaccine and PCV in the EPI.

  • Conducted Vaccinology and Pneumonia Workshops with the Department of Health and other stakeholders.

  • 2014: Supported the Inclusion of IPV in the EPI for the End Polio Strategy of WHO

  • Supported the Measles-elimination drive “Alis Tigdas” of DOH

  • 2015-2016: Supported Introduction of HPV, Booster DPT, MMR in the NIP

  • 2017- 2019: Organized and engaged with various societies and medical groups to make “A Call To Action To Restore Vaccine Trust And Confidence” in the light of the Dengvaxia issues.

  • 2019-Present: Conduct seminars and webinar conferences through continued partnerships and networking towards vaccine resilience.