Annual Events

Philippine National Immunization Conference (PNIC)

Held annually as a 2-day conference with the different stakeholders with an average attendance of 200-300 people having the following objectives:

1. To present the latest updates and changes in the Immunization calendars

2. To discuss the issues, new data, and updates on vaccination and vaccines

World Meningitis Day

April 24th every year : Activities include:

    • Meningitis forum… to provide a venue for different stakeholders to learn, discuss & offer opportunity for collaboration in the recognition, prevention & management of Meningitis.
    • Vaccine missions
    • Zumba with health workers

Press conferences, Media and Radio Interviews

Fun Walk

To raise awareness on the burden & prevention of Meningitis

World Pneumonia Day

Held 12 November every year in conjunction with PNIC


> Information Dissemination

> Funding for Pneumonia-Related Projects

> Promotion of vaccination, proper nutrition and avoidance of indoor pollution

> Partnership with various Health Agencies to reduce childhood death and hospitalization

Vaccine Missions

Held in various health centers in Pasay City ,Quezon City ; also at Manila Doctors Hospital Doctors sponsored by PFV with local pediatricians and other health workers where free clinic and vaccines are provided in cooperation with industry partners

Hundreds and thousands of children and adults have been vaccinated with Pneumococcal, Meningococcal, Hib, DPT vaccines, Rotavirus and Influenza over the last 2 decades of the PFV operation in. various cities in the Philippines.