Meningitis Awareness Campaign

Post date: Jul 31, 2012 9:05:10 AM

(Manila) A child develops cough colds and fever and within a few days he has a seizure, goes into a comatose state and never regains a normal mental state again. The family spends all their savings and even mortgage their house to continue his treatment but to no avail. The child dies after one year with the family deep in debts. This is a true story that is happening everyday not only in the Philippines but all over the world. Some who are not treated and brought to hospitals die within a few days to several weeks. Many of those who survive are disabled and taken care of by the family members for life. Lucky are the survivors without any handicaps.

The Philippine Foundation for Vaccination (PFV) led by its president Dr Eric Tayag, announces the holding of World Meningitis Day on April 25 to increase awareness on the devastation and death that this illness brings to children and adults alike. Meningitis kills and disables millions of people yearly and causes hearing loss, blindness, and loss of other normal body functions. The burden of disease is huge but there is an opportunity to prevent and control its many poor outcomes.

The PFV is out to advocate giving attention to protecting families from suffering from this disease brought about by several microorganisms such as TB, Hemophilus influenza type B or HiB, Invasive Pneumococcal Disease or IPD and Meningococcal Disease. Early recognition of the disease can lead to treatment and better survival and outcome. Everyone must be aware of its symptoms. However, vaccination is still the most effective way to prevent the disease and save millions of children and adults from its cruel consequences.

A motorcade will be held at the Fort in Taguig on April 25 starting at 6 AM to be followed by visits of doctors and vaccine advocates in various municipalities including Taguig, Makati, Marikina and Las Pinas. They will participate in giving vaccines to the people in the communities and give lectures to inform the public about the disease and its prevention. Those interested to participate can inquire at the PFV office tel. no. 5672397 and ask for Gemma Asistin.